Healthcare Landscape

Healthcare today operates in a turbulent environment. Reimbursement levels are being lowered. Quality standards are being raised, measured and provided to patients for provider selection.  The Affordable Care Act is transforming how healthcare services are provided, rated and reimbursed. Organizations are faced with change at an unprecedented rate. Resources and processes – already strained – are at the breaking point.

How does your organization not only survive – but thrive in this turbulent environment?

The E3 Roadmap to Sustainable Excellence in Healthcare.


A culture of engagement is exemplified by people who feel fully involved and enthusiastic about their jobs and the organization.  Engaged people contribute to the organization’s success by volunteering discretionary effort above the minimum in the form of extra time, brainpower and energy.

Roadmap to Sustainable Excellence in Healthcare


The medical operation delivers its services with a minimum of resources.  This efficiency aids in making the operation effective by allowing medical professionals to better focus on improving the health of their patients.


Higher quality of care – Provide to the patient the right care at the right time in the right place, all the time. Personalized care that provides the best opportunity for good health.

Lower cost -- Care that is efficient, requiring a minimum of resources. Eliminate waste which produces no value to the patient. The patient should expect processes have been optimized.  In turn, they are paying only for services that will contribute to their health and well-being.

Improved patient experience – The patient feels the quality of the care is extraordinary and provided at a reasonable cost, his or her wellbeing is each medical professional’s primary concern. At each experience the patient should feel valued, respected and positive about every interaction from making an appointment to paying the bill.


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